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Sports Crowdfunding and Fundraising


5 Reasons Why Sports Crowdfunding Is A Great Idea

All the reasons you need to start your Sports Crowdfunding campaign and raise the funds you need to execute your sports project.   Do you have that amazing Sports project and no funds to execute it? Sports Crowdfunding might be the answer. Crowdfunding is becoming very much popular. It is now moving to sports projects,…
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November 2, 2016 0

10 Worst Sports Fundraising Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

We’ve all seen those campaigns that fail to raise funds for their sports team. Here are the 10 worst mistakes and how to avoid them. Less than one-third of fundraising and crowdfunding campaigns reach their target. There is no magic garden of crowdfunding campaigns; you need to put in the work, prepare, and promote your…
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October 25, 2016 0