13 Online Sports Fundraising Ideas for Teams and Schools

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13 Online Sports Fundraising Ideas for Teams and Schools

September 27, 2016 Sports Fundraising 3
sports fundraising

sports fundraising


Thinking of raising funds for your sports team or school? Why not do it online? Grab 13 ideas from the list we created for your Sports Fundraising!

So you’ve tried all different kinds of traditional fundraising? It is time-consuming, and sometimes, the results are far from what you are expecting. What if you could do everything online? You need to get creative with your sports fundraising efforts and here are a few ideas.

Firstly, we need to start with the concept that you are giving something in return for the contributions you receive.

But you are probably wondering: Where do I get the products? Do I need to buy them to start the fundraising? Do I need to manage an inventory? The answer is NO! It is easier than what you think!

  1. Customized Elite Socks

Even though they are expensive, they last forever. According to the Sports Mom Survival Guide; kids love it, and it was a huge success! At Elite Custom Socks, they offer a range of different models and colors. There is a minimum order that you need to fulfill. 

  1. Personalized Phone/Tablet/Laptop Cases

Everyone has a phone and/or laptop these days. You can upload the artwork and get the phone/computer case personalized. Everything is online! It is a great way to support your team or school!
Check out Skinit.com

  1. Team T-shirts Fundraiser

Create your shirt design, set the pricing and sales goal, and then spread the word! All from your computer! At Bonfirefunds.com, they will take care of the printing and shipping of items for you. You don’t have to manage inventory or take orders. Get creative with your fundraising! Check out booster.com as an alternative.

  1. Discount Cards

You can get a discount for local restaurants or retailers. Anywhere from 20% to 93% discounts! This is an amazing way to promote local merchants and get funds for your sports team. You can upload your artwork and order them online at abcfundraising.com or thediscountcard.com

  1. Online Coupons and Cash back

Shopping online is very much common. Giveback programs like Flipgive (with more than 100 brands and up to 50% discount) and Amazon Smile (you need to have a registered non-profit account to receive the donations) can be a great way to fundraise by shopping everyday items online.

  1. Wiper Tags

Tired of bumper stickers and magnets? Wiper Tags is a great way to get your team engaged, and it is very creative. You can add to the front or back wipers of your car; it looks awesome on game day! You can order a sample online before starting your campaign.

  1. Rent a team

Even though you need to execute the services in person, you can sell them, and that goes towards your fundraising efforts.

What’s the best part? ONLINE!

A very common form of fundraising is the Car Wash. You can sell the car wash ticket and execute it on an expected date. If some more cars come in, it’s even better! A spin to this service would be the Dog Wash.

  1. Training program

You can ask if the Team Coach would be willing to provide an exercise program to the parent. If not, maybe one of the parents is a certified personal coach and can provide a 1-month training program. It’s easy to make and easy to replicate. You can always ask a local personal trainer if he or she is willing to participate.

  1. Donors Wall

Everybody wants to feel they are part of the team. These rewards will give a chance to accomplish just that. They are inexpensive to produce, and everybody loves it!

Here is the deal: Get their face and their names out there!

Get the names of everybody that have contributed on the wall. It is something to be proud of!

  1. Donors Collage

Creating a big collage from a single picture obtained from every donor can be a great way to get new donors. Pictures can be shared online and added to the yearbook. 

  1. Logo on Team Uniform

Having a logo on the team’s uniform may be the most common form of sponsorship and fundraising. Map the local businesses in your area and check if they would be interested in having their logo on the team’s uniform. They can even cover the production costs! You can make the first contact online.

  1. Logo on Website and Social Media

Many businesses are looking for online visibility, and hyper-local marketing is on the rise. Platforms like Pearup.com can match your team with one of these companies online. It is an interesting format where you raise funds by sharing the campaign link on social media and with friends.

  1. Bring it all together – Crowdfunding

A crowdfunding campaign is the best way to bring all these sports fundraising strategies together. In one online effort, you can engage both the team and community to achieve a clear goal.

Check out our Ultimate Sports Crowdfunding Workbook and start raising funds online today!

Back to you!

Do you have any other idea for an online Sports Fundraising campaign? We would love to hear it! Leave your comment below!