5 Reasons Why Sports Crowdfunding Is A Great Idea

Sports Crowdfunding and Fundraising

5 Reasons Why Sports Crowdfunding Is A Great Idea

November 2, 2016 Sports Crowdfunding 0

All the reasons you need to start your Sports Crowdfunding campaign and raise the funds you need to execute your sports project.



Do you have that amazing Sports project and no funds to execute it? Sports Crowdfunding might be the answer.

Crowdfunding is becoming very much popular. It is now moving to sports projects, and on this post, I will show the reasons to jump on this trend. From amateur athletes to professional teams, Sports Crowdfunding is here to stay.

1. New Revenue Stream

Most of the athletes struggle to fund their career, and most of the sports teams need new equipment or are short on staff. It can get very expensive to play sports these days. There are equipment costs, traveling expenses, coaching fees, registration fees, uniforms, etc. Maybe a crowdfunding campaign will not cover every single cost you have, but it might cover that National Championship travels you could not afford or a few recovery sessions with your favorite physical therapist or even a new uniform for your team. The best part is that there is no upfront cost to run a crowdfunding campaign. Every major platform will take a success fee of the amount you raise.

2. Activate and Engage Your Community

With a crowdfunding campaign, you will need to engage your community by creating a list of contacts to reach out even before the campaign. During the campaign, you will be posting about it, and creating content around your goal with constant updates. After the campaign, you will reach out to your supporters with a ‘Thank you’ note as well as sending the rewards. There is a beginning, middle, and an end. Those who made a contribution will be your biggest fans, forever.

3. A chance to Tell Your Story

Every athlete and team have a story to tell. As I mentioned in the previous point; with a beginning, middle, and an end, it sets a great groundwork for storytelling where you will need to put together a campaign “pitch.” It is not every day that we get to stop and think about who we are, where we come from, and where we want to go, all at once. Take this opportunity to build your brand and tell your story.

4. Concentrate Your Online Efforts in One Objective

Doing Social media for the sake of social media is pointless. Don’t get hung up on vanity metrics. How many likes you got on your last Facebook post or how many followers you have on Instagram are not measures of Social Media success. A Crowdfunding campaign will give a very clear objective on a very specific time frame. You will need to build a strategy to reach that goal and convert followers and likes into financial support ($$$). There is no online engagement higher than reaching out to your wallet and making a contribution.

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5. It might Go Viral

After a successful Crowdfunding campaign, you will find yourself with a brand new list of contacts. People you didn’t even know are now supporting you and part of your journey. This added exposure is something you can bring to the table when you look for new sponsors or when negotiating a new contract.


Sports Crowdfunding is another tool in the Big Digital Marketing Toolbox. When well planned and executed, the results will be far beyond funds raised. Your everyday online presence is becoming a requirement when speaking to sponsors. Sports Crowdfunding is a great way to bring it all together.

Now back to you. Let me know your thoughts on Sports Crowdfunding and what other benefits from running a campaign come to your mind.