4 Cheap (or Free!) Online Classes for Athletes to Boost Your Skills

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4 Cheap (or Free!) Online Classes for Athletes to Boost Your Skills

August 20, 2017 Career 0
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As soon as I finished my last test in college I thought – “Thank God, this is over. I’m never going to open a textbook again.” I was so worn out from being a full-time student and athlete so it’s normal that I would think that way.

For the next six months, that’s what I did. I didn’t touch a single textbook. I enjoyed my time doing things I didn’t have much time to do before; going to the movies, hiking, bowling, reading books that I actually liked, you name it. I think that’s good. Everyone needs a mental break from school sometimes. However, after a while that clearly changed for me. I felt like my brain was “shrinking” and I started to feel that drive I felt as an athlete and needing something to keep me competing.

Even though the brain is not a muscle, cerebral connections need to be utilized often so it doesn’t lose its capacity. The more you utilize it, the more neural-connections you make. The same occurs the other way around.

For this reason, it’s important to keep your brain active after you graduate. Take advantage of the fact that you’re not in school to improve skills that maybe you couldn’t give much attention to during college, or to learn things that actually interest you. There are several online courses available out there. However, before applying to the first online course that pops up on google search, make sure to do a good research. A lot of them don’t offer good material and are not recognized by companies as a certification.

I’ve selected a few online courses and platforms that are well known. 


edX is an education platform created by Harvard University and MIT that, together with universities and institutions spread around the world, offers a variety of free online courses. There are self-paced courses as well as courses where you have to do homework and take tests. You can earn university credits and earn professional certificates that are valid on the working environment.

Courses vary from nutrition classes, computer programming, astrophysics, and to microsoft office package.

To get the certificate, you have to pay a small fee that goes to support the website itself. However, it’s worth a try. You can still audit a course even if you don’t want a certificate.


If you are interesting in marketing, Hubspot is a great platform to check out. I did the Inbound Marketing course and it was great. It takes almost five hours, but it’s interactive and you can kill it all in one day. If you rather do it little by little, there are a total of 12 classes.

You’ll learn more about blogging, conversion analysis, SEO, and all things that come together to form efficient and modern inbound marketing strategies and techniques.

This course is specific to help your business grow and increase the amount of visitors to your website.  


Like edX, Coursera is also an education platform that offers courses from several institutions around the world. Their courses contain video lectures, interactive quizzes, and also gives you the ability to connect with other students and instructors. You can also exchange feedback with your classmates, which helps you have a better idea of what you could improve on and what you’re already great at. The cool thing about Coursera is that you can download your classes on Google Play and iTunes.

They offer courses on data science, business, personal development, and many more.


Duolingo is probably one of the most popular language learning platforms in the world. There are more than 27 languages offered. It’s simple and easy, but if you take it seriously and practice a little bit everyday, it actually helps.

You can download it to your phone, computer, or tablet and you don’t need an internet connection. You can interact and compete (perfect for athletes, huh?)  with friends who are also trying to learn the same language as you.

Duolingo covers all aspects of languages such as speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills. There’s no in-depth learning, but it’s a great tool for those who are going to travel and need to quickly learn basic words and sentences that allow them to communicate with others.

The platform also provides certifications that can be used on LinkedIn. It’s no secret that speaking another language (or now more than two languages), is a great skill to have on your resume.

Don’t waste all of your free time watching Netflix. Use it in your favor to invest on things that will make you happy but also further your career once you retire from your athletic life.

Hope this all helps guys! See you next week and #KeepCompeting!

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